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such a beautiful animal, graceful, elegant and strong. Definitely my favorite.


Take a seat

Choose your chair!
Some of these chairs will be part of a Sreen Printed Card Series. Keep in touch for all the information!

see you, MJ

feels like...


Jose Ignacio's Lighthouse, Uruguay -Etching Print-

Etching Print

Aquatint Etching

A method of making prints from a metal plate, in this case Zinc, into which the design has been incised by acid. The etching is printed on high quality Fabriano paper, supplied with a torn deckle edge for beautiful framing. The image itself is printed from a zinc plate measuring 16cm (6'') x 12cm (4.7") and the total dimensions of the paper are approximately 34cm (13") x 24cm (9.5"). Your print will be a numbered print of a limited closed edition of only 10 prints. Please email me if you are interested.


good memories

Seville in my heart

This 3 illustrations where made 2 years ago, during the Enhanced Illustration short Course I did at Central Saint Martins, London. I Really enjoyed that course and learned a lot from all the illustrators present and from my teacher Bill Wright.


My perfume

Well hello everyone!
So, after opening this blog many years ago and doing nothing with it, I decided to start posting my illustrations and see how it goes from there. I did this one 2 days ago, trying my new light box.
Hope you like it, and please let me know what you think about it...
oh... one question... Which one of these perfumes do you think is the one I use every day?
Thanks for stopping by!
Majo Aranda